FitSteps CHAIR Instructor Training Course

FitSteps CHAIR is here!

Get qualified to teach this amazing program – NO monthly licence fee – simply the course cost.

This course is for instructors who are already qualified in FitSteps or FitSteps FAB.

What is FitSteps CHAIR?

FitSteps CHAIR is aimed at providing instructors with the learning and skills to increase their reach and provide FitSteps to those who specifically require seated based exercise. This course takes into account the specific needs of varied demographics including inactive, sedentary, disabled, obese, rehabilitation, recovery, older and frailer older adults in a variety of environments.

FitSteps CHAIR has been created to allow even more people access to FitSteps; and to show that chair based exercise does not need to be slow or boring. You will learn how to take a wider variety of participants on a FitSteps journey of our favourite dances from cha cha cha to American Smooth

This training will show how dances can be safely adapted to increase your customer reach and open the door to new opportunities, whilst showing there is no reason why sessions are as fun, motivating and uplifting as a regular FitSteps class.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to compete the course work?

The coursework will take on average 8 hours to complete.

Is it all online?

There is a  3 hour webinar/assessment to accompany the course.

Do you have to have an assessment?

Yes. The assessment is carried out in small groups during the 3 hour virtual webinar.

Is there a pre-requisite?

You need to have qualified in FitSteps Original or FitSteps FAB to take this course and have completed the one to one assessment.  The course covers all that you will need to teach safe, effective and fun FitSteps CHAIR classes.

Will I need specialist insurance?

No, the course is endorsed and recognised.

What if I’ve already trained in a chair based program?

If you have previously trained in a recognised Chair program you may be entitled to a discount, this does not include other branded chair based exercise courses – please contact us via email to discuss your eligibility.

Is there an additional monthly fee?

No, you simply pay for the training and once completed and you have passed, you can teach the program.