TONE Online Training & Virtual Training Day Plus Masterclass – Sunday 20th February

Receive instant access to the TONE course and an outline of the routines that will be used on the day to give you time to practice. There is no assessment for TONE as it is for qualified FitSteps or FAB Instructors, but this course, along with your online course materials, will give you all the tools you need to be able to confidently deliver TONE routines to your clients.

Join us from your own home via your laptop, p.c or tablet!

  • Presenter: Debra de Luen
  • Date of Course: Sunday 20th February
  • Time : 9am – 2pm including a TONE Masterclass

What is FitSteps TONE?

FitSteps TONE provides an opportunity to add functional fitness and mindful movement to the classes you currently love to teach.

Whether you choose to use TONE tracks interspersed with traditional FitSteps tracks or you cluster a few tracks together at the beginning or end of your FitSteps class, the added focus on posture, lower body strengthening, and balance will help improve function inside and outside of class.

Our new TONE tracks will also provide an opportunity for your participants to become even better at FitSteps dances by slowing down the steps which will lead to a better experience for everyone.

The TONE course includes 10 routines with the band plus 13 bonus routines. Additional routines can be purchased as required. There is no monthly subscription.