SHINE FitSteps Original - Workout 2 (suitable for new clients)

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We want to make your life that little bit easier 😉

We LOVE the fact that our choreo is used by instructors to create varied routines using the 4×4 steps you receive each month but as instructors ourselves, we also know that this side of things can be time consuming. So, we want to offer you ready made, out of the box classes that you can learn and teach straight away.

Each workout features x12 tracks so makes up a full class, you also get the music included too.  So whether you are short on time, just starting out and want some more variety or just want to get some more ideas from our lovely group of presenters, there will be a class available that we know your members will LOVE!

We have broken these classes into 2 categories based not on your status as an instructor, but aimed at reaching the correct level for your current participants.  This workout is better suited to a class that has been established for less than 12 months as it features the basic steps of each dance style